19/5/2013 (+1013 hours)

At the moment I’m just trying to understand Unitys editor scripting. I’m running into several brick walls but I’m allow this to happen within my studies. Brick walls can waist time and lead no where but I know that to become very familiar with an environment the size of Unity requires exercising like this. Allowing myself to run into brick walls so I can explore around Unity. Some of the major skills I’m picking up is reading Unitys documentation, understand Unitys class hierarchy and other things I probabally dont even realise.

[Essay Writing]
I’m up to 1000 words, several pictures and 1 processing prototype on this grid paper. At the moment I’m determining how to write about the actual implementations of which I’m describing in the paper. I dont want to flat out write down the code but at the same time I dont want to explain word for word how to do it.

I really like how Rodrigo Monteiro write his implementations for his article The guide to implementing 2D platformers. He explains them in an step by step procedure leaving out a lot of the messy hard details and instead just giving generalisations, and when needed giving a concise calculation or code piece.