1/4/2013 (+929 hours)

Took a step back from Unity today to approach this study of platformer games at a different angle. Taking a look Pixel Prospectors The Big List of Game Design page I found a couple useful articles. Particularly one that stood out, The Guide to implementing a platformer. Taking a look at the various ways to implement a platfomer, either tile based, tile based with interpolation, bitmasked and vectorial.

I might consider getting back into processing and building out some of these examples just for a learning exercise. Considering Unity is simple not suited at the moment. Why do I continually go back to processing to learn things lol !?

[Validating hour count]
Over the easter break I finally got around to designing a script that cross checks my onenote record with my tumblr record. A comparison of how I record in Onenote and Tumblr is below.
Cross checking Tumblr to Onenote I’ve found out that I’m about 7 hours behind and regrettable I have to update 90% of Tumblr data to reflect this 🙁